Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Too Close" Tuesdays

I have 10 minutes before Glee starts to get this post up. =D

It is once again Tuesday so time for our macro shot of the week. I am enjoying slowly learning more and more about my camera and its capabilities, along with techniques for editing the photos.

My birthday is in 4 days. Then I will start my 365 project. I'm actually very nervous about it. I think it's going to be harder than I know. I guess we will see!

Here's the photo!


  1. It's a belt buckle from American Eagle! Right?

  2. It is, in fact, NOT a belt buckle from American Eagle. Sorry, try again. =)

  3. AH no! It's the zipper of an American Eagle...sweater?

  4. IT IS!! You are right AGAIN. Man, way to go...beating out everyone else so quickly! =)



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