Monday, September 27, 2010


I feel like an artist again.

It's been a while, but I finally feel like it's in me once more. I had somehow lost it for a while, without my consent. I had been trying to stay inspired and motivated, but it just wasn't there anymore. But taking a figure drawing class and an advanced photography class has rekindled my love. I am surprised at how just spending 15 minutes doing gesture drawings can make me want to draw all day. And doing a late evening photoshoot outdoors can make me never want to put my camera down.

So last night, I roped Brian into going for a walk with me. We ended up having a photographic adventure, after I learned how to shoot HDR with my camera. He was pointing out shots that I wouldn't have seen otherwise. He was being an incredible assistant of sorts, and the night would have been so dull without him there. 

Here is my favorite shot of the night:

I never knew I had that in me. It is a huge confidence booster. Finally, I can tell myself that, yes, I am a photographer. And I am good enough.

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