Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hey, friends.

Real quick, before I go make some important phone calls...

It's Tuesday!!

Here's the shot:

And, because I'm awesome and can't decide, here's another one...Possibly makes it much easier, unless it was easy enough already. But anywho, here ya go:

Make some guesses, blah blah blah...

And a few daily's for your viewing pleasure.

Ice on my window and mirror after work yesterday. It was pretty cold outside. And windy. And all winter-y. =D This is a cell phone picture. Wish my camera was easier to carry around with me everywhere. I just don't like the thought of bringing it to work.
Sunday Self-Portrait #5 (?) I lose track of numbers. Finally got a few new books this weekend. Really enjoying this one so far.
And Saturday's photo....Such an exciting moment for me. I'm a huge nerd, I know.
That's all for today. Sorry it's kind of boring...

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