Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maybe Next Year

Wow have I been slacking off lately, or what?

My apologies.

The last TCT shot was of lace. A lace top. You know how girls wear all sorts of lacey shirts over other shirts and it's a big huge trend right now? Yeah. I have one of those. Never been one to really follow a trend, but Ashley helped me buy it one day. So thanks for that, "Mel!"

Haven't really been keeping up with my project either. So sad. How do I fall behind so easily? I need motivation. Or something. It's like, I miss one day, and then I'm like "Well, I guess I fail. No sense in continuing trying." But we all know that's not true. Somehow I need to just DO IT.

Here are a few recents, though.

Last weekend, my older brother and his wife and daughter, and my younger brother, drove all the way out to Rapid City to hang out with me and Brian. We had tons of fun! Quite a few adventures on Saturday. We enjoyed some bagels at BHB, we visited Mt. Rushmore, we went off-roading when we wanted to drive up Needles Highway but the road was closed, we ate a lot of taffy, we went swimming at an indoor water park, we ordered pizza in a hotel room, we found a beer that I enjoy (Landshark,) and we followed a firetruck to a grass fire in the backyards of some Rapid City folks. Hence the above (and below) photos.

It was one crazy adventurous day. We had a blast. Here's a photo Derrick shot of Miss Halle. It was her first time seeing Mt. Rushmore. She wanted to climb it until she saw how big it actually is. Maybe next year...

He's got some photo skills, for sure. I love this one! We asked her on the way up if she knew who the four presidents were. I believe her response was "I only know Thomas!" She's one smart cookie, that's more than a lot of the tourists knew that I overheard this summer.

Oh! Look what I did with my nails last week. I wanted to show some sort of festive flair for Valentine's Day, and so I actually attempted something I found on Pinterest. Oh, lovely Pinterest.

Pretty cool, huh? Brian helped me pick out the colors. I was hoping for more of a gold in the middle, but it ended up being more of an orangey shimmer. A little disappointing, but they still looked pretty cool. Sadly, they only lasted about two days. Removing security tags from clothing at work all day really turned my pretty nails into a big mess of broken and chipped colors. Oh well, they were fun while they lasted. And it really made me realize that I CAN do cool stuff like everyone else! Just takes some time and a little creativity.

So I've got a few other photos stuck inside my camera that I should be sharing, but I'm right smack in the middle of reading The Hunger Games (the first book) and I just can't be bothered to edit and upload them tonight. Must get back to reading!!

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  1. I <3 pinterest! I have the same issue with painting my nails. I use my nails too much at work to keep them looking nice!



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