Monday, January 9, 2012

Yeah, keys.


I woke up this morning, moped around a bit, got all sad because I don't have any cereal, opened the fridge about 12 times before realizing there really isn't anything in there (literally,) and then hopped in the shower. And THEN, I get a phone call. And then I schedule an interview with the lady from TJ Maxx. And then I eat a McDonald's fruit & yogurt parfait and begin drinking a McDonald's caramel iced coffee, because seriously, that's the best breakfast in the world in my book. And then I get ready for the interview. And then I actually GO to the interview. And hey, guess what, while I was there, I got offered a job.

My streak of unemployment has ended!

Granted, this job has nothing to do with my field of study, and probably won't be SUPER AWESOME, but I'm still excited. Orientation is on Friday. Heck yes.

So there's that.

ALSO...Holy cow with the donations, you guys. Thanks so so SOOO much! I'm already 20% into my goal, and that was only Day 1! Once I start making some money, I will find a way to say THANK YOU more than just typing it here. Promise. =) The donation button is over to the right side of these words now, if anyone else wants to help me reach my goal. It really really really means a lot to me to have so much support. And I'm not talking just the monetary support. I've got the most amazing friends and people in my life who have gone above and beyond with encouragement, helpful tips, sharing my link, putting up with my bad moods, and just all around being there for me Every. Single. Day. It all means so much. I will not let you guys down. =)

So, on to some photographs, shall we?

I've always wanted to do some sort of Self-Portrait project. I've seen a lot of people go all out and do 365 days of self-portraits. I considered that, but it seems just a bit TOO ambitious for me right now. So instead, I'm doing weekly self-portraits. Every Sunday's photo will be of me, somehow. Here's Week 1. I wear awesome socks. And it drives my mom crazy. =)
So today while I was waiting to go into the interview (Because I get there 20 minutes early because I have a ginormous fear of being late.) I snapped some shots of my keys. Yeah, keys. Doesn't get much more exciting than that. Glad I thought ahead and knew I'd have some time to kill so I brought my camera. Go me.

This one's my favorite.

Oh, JK on the keys thing. The last one is my graduation year tassel thing, that's been burning and fading in the sun since the year 2006. Pretty awesome, huh? Which of these four photos is your favorite?

I'm excited about tomorrow's Too Close Tuesday....You all better be ready!

(Also, still working on finishing that McDonald's caramel iced coffee. I added more ice. Still over halfway full. I think I need help in the drinking things department....)

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  1. LOVE the socks photo. I used to wear 2 different colored socks when I lived in CA. =)




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