Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make a Guess!

Hello, friends.

Who remembers my "Too Close Tuesdays" challenges? Yeah, me too. Yesterday I really REALLY wanted to do something for it and get those back up and running, but it was late and the sun had set and the lighting just wasn't working out for me.

HOWEVER, today everything was working in my favor so I got super close to an object and here is the result for all you lovely people:

Pretty cool, huh? Who can tell me what it is? Leave guesses in the comments and I'll reveal the answer soon. This is way fun when people participate, so if you read this, MAKE A GUESS!! Don't be shy. I love love love getting comments, especially when they're TCT guesses.

In other news, I'm still jobless. It's killing me. I am soooo bored of sitting around here. Last week I returned lots of applications to different places who said they were hiring, and few to places that I just decided to try out even though they didn't have the "We're Hiring" signs. The funny thing is, I've heard the most positive feedback from the places who weren't necessarily looking for help. What the heck? ....I'm just hoping that someone chooses me SOON, before I go absolutely crazy.

I have a friend who was wondering what it is that guys look for when they're meeting girls, because she has every great quality, but still no boyfriend. Well, my current dilemma is very similar: What is it that employers want? I mean SERIOUSLY...I've got a good job history, great references, experience in a bunch of different settings and situations, including computers, cashiering, customer service, and even sales, I have 100% open availability with zero other responsibilities, and I am a college graduate! What more could these people possibly want?? I hate to be such a downer, but it is VERY depressing when you realize that you have all the right pieces, yet you still somehow don't fit.

Anywho...Trying to stay positive, but it's pretty hard to do these days.

So I take photos instead.

Recently, not very good photos...But at least I feel like I'm doing something. Three photos, January 1-3.

Felt like this was sort of funny Monday morning. My big-dumb-old-POS Gateway, and my big-dumb-old-POS LG phone on the left. And Brian's brand-new-super-awesome Macbook Pro, and his brand-new-super-awesome iPhone on the right. Must be nice, my friend... And, of course, Bambi in the middle. (Summer, look at him grow!!)
Ice water. Yeah, told you these weren't very good. Or interesting....
Glass marbles in Bambi's jar. He has a pretty home. =)

As much as my joblessness sucks, I'm still feeling good about this year. It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I know it's there. I've got lots of photo opportunities this year (THREE weddings! Two engagements! And probably Dustin's senior photos sometime this summer...And who knows what else I'll get to do...) It is very exciting and I am so so so thankful for these opportunities.

Bring it, 2012...Just hurry it up please. I'm tired of waiting. =P

(Also, do me a favor and check out my good buddy Dylan's comic, Little Alice! He's been working on this since early this summer and it is so fun to follow along with him and watch the progress. As you click through each page, you can totally see him improving every day. So proud of you, Dylan! Keep it up!)


  1. Thanks, Denise, for the kind words, it means a lot. I think your "Too Close Tuesday" item is either a hair clip or a hand on a clock/watch.

  2. I agree with the hand of a watch!

    And, as always, amazing photos! ^_^ Jealous of Brian's new toys, btw! lol



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