Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Rage

Let me start out by saying: This week is ridiculous.

We're right smack in the middle of Sturgis week and I am SO happy that there's only a few days left. Hopefully most of these "I think I'm invincible on the road" a-holes will ship out of here so we can get back to our normal and (for the most part) safe roads.

I've been complaining about this non-stop on facebook, so my apologies to those of you who will have to read about it again...But HOLY COW. I've been cut off more times in the past 3 days than I have in my entire life. Today, while leaving the Mt. Rushmore parking ramp and making a left-hand turn back onto the highway, three motorcycles decided to create another lane on the right side of me through the turn. Then, when they realized that there's actually only room for ONE vehicle on the highway, all three of them decided to squeeze right between me and the rail, and THEN cut me off. Basically I had to be the nice guy and stop for them, or they would have died. In hindsight, I should have just kept driving....

Anywho...So now that my road rage level has reached its max...

How about a few (and I really do mean FEW...There's like, two...) photos:

First, let it be known that this is how I deal with the bikers on the roads. Ice cream cures everything. Even road rage. I'm serious.

Shot this today from the Mt. Rushmore parking ramp. Those clouds were intense!! So pretty...

And this little guy joined me while I was sitting at Mt. Rushmore today waiting for my tour bus people to show up. He was pretty cool. Hung out there right beside me for quite a while before hopping away. Isn't he excellent?? =)
Ok, so there's three, not two. But anywho...

Next week I'll be in NESD for a few days. Gonna go get my country on at the Brown County Fair in Aberdeen with some fantastic friends. Pretty excited. It will be my little mini summer vacation, or something. =)

Then, hopefully, by the time I get back, all the crazy motorcyclists will be gone for good. It will be heavenly. Check back soon!

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