Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011

Hey, guys. GUESS WHAT! ...I'm still here! I know, I know. You thought I had disappeared off the face of the Earth, never to return to this lovely little piece of the world wide web. Didn't you? Well you were wrong, for the most part.

I'd love to keep this updated more than I do. I just really don't want to bore you with the "what's happening" in my life right now. Basically, here's the run-down: I wake up, I go to work, I come home, I eat something, I watch TV/read/waste time online, I go to sleep. Repeat. Or, there's even some days where I squeeze "I go for a run" right there in between "I come home," and "I eat something." Those days are my favorite. We've got this fantastic bike trail that's only a few blocks away and it runs along the river/creek/water going through Rapid City (I can not find the name of it at the moment.) So it's a really nice little jog that can go pretty dang far.

Anyway...Work is going pretty good. All the people who work at the museum are way cool, so it's fun to have them to (more or less) hang out with during the day. I need to start looking for jobs again soon, as this one ends in October.

It definitely feels weird to not be thinking about going back to school right now. It's the first time since I was just a wee little tike that I'm not starting a new school year. I feel so old! I see new backpacks and notebooks in all the stores and I feel like I should be contributing to the sales, but that would be entirely unnecessary this fall.

So how about some fun photos? Even though you've probably already seen them on facebook, here's a couple from the weekend. Our friends Amanda and Kyle traveled all the way out here just to hang out with us! (Ok, that's not entirely true, but we did get to see them a lot while they were here!)

Sylvan Lake. Pretty small area, but it is sooo pretty! We circled around the lake and climbed some rocks. This particular photo was a "from the hip" shot, something I do quite often. I love the surprise when I see it later and it's a cool shot like this one. My favorite!

Here's Kyle. This photo is my favorite. It was so much fun having another photo nerd along. =P Definitely nice not being the only person lolly-gagging around, taking pictures of everything.

On Sunday we went to Deadwood. Pretty much just walked around the whole time. Got some food at the Tin Lizzy. I wanted to stick around until it got dark so I could get some photos like this one. Definitely worth the wait. Kyle and I had a lot of fun playing with different shutter speeds with the lights and cars.

Once we got back to Rapid City, it was storming. The lightning was incredible, so we headed up to the motel where they were staying and attempted to capture the lightning. Proved to be a little difficult. But it was tons of fun. We were up above the city lights, so lots of cool photos came from that, as well.


Oh, and just for fun, some Deadwood HDR. Over the top, surreal, all that stuff....But I do enjoy it. =)
Now....Back to Shark Week!!

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  1. We had a ton of fun hanging out with you guys, and taking tons of pictures over the weekend! Can't wait to do it again sometime :)



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