Monday, May 23, 2011

Think Big!

My brother and his wife got Brian and me two very thought-provoking books for graduation. And Brian, while reading through them, suggested I put some of these questions up on my blog. So, today I'm going to do a test post of what will soon become "Think Big! Thursdays." (Again, Brian's title. I think he should start his own blog, with all his great ideas.)

Here's how it works: I will post one of the thoughtful questions here, along with a photo which may or may not relate, and you can ponder and comment as you see fit. This will only work out wonderfully if we get some good conversation/comments going, so if you have something to say - Please join in! And some of the questions don't have answers. They're just there to make you think. Inspire, if you will.

Hopefully this works out. Hopefully I'll stay on track. Hopefully you'll check back on Thursdays and leave with a good question on your mind.

Here's the first Think Big! post. (Yes, I know it's Monday and not Thursday. But we can pretend.)

"What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?"

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