Monday, May 9, 2011

Familiar Territory

I received an interesting phone call today. Apparently I paid for my beloved piece-of-crap Gateway so I get to keep it. Huh...I don't remember paying for it or giving permission to charge me for it, but whatever. Brian thinks maybe they just don't want to have to deal with it so they pawned it back on me. Either way, I'm not complaining. So I picked it up from the school today and I now have my familiar territory back. Not that I wasn't enjoying every second I spent on Brian's MacBook...But when something so familiar is taken away, it does feel good to get it back. (Also, the kids will be excited that they can continue coloring on my computer. Yay!) However, I am excited to buy my OWN MacBook or iMac someday, once I get some monies. (Which, of course, could be years and years from now...But oh well. Someday....)

So...I spent some time today getting back on track with my 365 Project. Here are some recent shots:

220/365: Taken yesterday morning on my drive home. I had just driven through this MASSIVE rainstorm. I really thought I wasn't gonna make it. The clouds looked awesome once I broke through them into the more clear skies. Cell phone photo doesn't do it justice, sadly.
219/365: Saturday's photo. I think it speaks for itself.
218/365: Friday's photo. We took Rob & Lindsay to Falls Park. It was a gorgeous day and I can't resist long-exposure falls! (More photos from that day to come...Keep your eyes peeled!)
217/365: Thursday's photo. Before we met up with Brian's family, we stopped by Falls Park so I could get a photo for a commenter's project. Here I was testing my settings. This is the only photo I took that day. And it makes me laugh. Poor Brian, always doing lame photographic stuff for me...
216/365: Wednesday's Photo. We're gonna have one heck of a library someday. One thing we have in common is that we love buying new books. (Mine, of course, always come from the bargain tables at B&N. Can't pass up a $5 book once in a while!) These are already boxed up, ready to be moved out to RC. =)
And, just for fun, here's another photo of the falls. Sooo pretty that day!
See? What did I tell ya? "Once I'm finished up with school and have some REAL free time, I'll post more." And here I am...Post #2 in the same day! I'm pretty proud of this. Ha!

Tonight we're going for a run. LOVE this warmer weather. (However, not a fan of the muggy-ness already. Sticky and gross is not fun. Oh well.......)

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