Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All Done.

Well, folks, I attended my last two classes at Dakota State University today. As I was leaving Beadle Hall, I realized that I am really going to miss this place. This school has watched me grow and changed me so much for the better. It will definitely be bittersweet to not come back here in September.

I just have a take-home final to finish and then graduation on Saturday and I'm no longer a DSU student. It's been a great ride here, though! I'm glad I stuck with it when most of my friends transferred or dropped out. I couldn't imagine graduating from any other school. I feel that in some way or another, I will always be a Dakota State Trojan. (But I will also be very glad to get away from here and see comedians who will talk about something OTHER than our mascot, our lack of diversity, and our buffalo.)

Anywho...Let's see lots of photos, shall we? I'll just post some of the best from the past couple weeks. I'll have them updated on facebook soon, so check there to see ALL of them.

On Saturday I got to hang out with Ashley ALL DAY! We had her bridal shower at 9:00 in the morning, and she left my house at around 11:00 that night. It was quite a fun day! We originally wanted to do a little photoshoot for the two of us, but that never really happened. I just wasn't in a photogenic mood. I didn't even feel like shooting anything. Kinda sad. But I did get this beauty when we stopped by her church, where the wedding will be in 24 days!
Friday night we hung out with D&E and they helped me with putting together my board game. Right before we went to sleep, I realized I hadn't taken a photo. I had planned on it being of my game, but this caught my eye instead. Emily puts together dried flowers in old window panes and doors and such and uses them as decor. SO awesome! Anywho...I have a bunch of these that are in focus, but for some reason I like this accidentally blurry one. =)
Thursday was my photo show. Here are my prints all laid out on my apartment floor. It's a good thing I didn't have more photos, or I wouldn't have had room to line them all up! PS - Photo show went great!
I think it's necessary for everyone doing a 365 project to include at least one photo of the inside of their fridge. Sometimes, when there's NOTHING to take a picture of, the inside of your fridge makes a nice backup. Ha! Here, looks like I have some eggs, hot dogs, butter, half & half, berries, half a root beer, some whipped cream and ricotta cheese, jello, crescent rolls, green tea, and milk. Hm....Seems empty until you try to type it all up. Whew!
Oh, this is a kinda funny story. Brian and I LOVE making bets. It's never over anything important, and we never really have terms, but I ALWAYS win. So every time I won, I would point it out and they would just keep adding up. So Brian said that to even things out and start over clean, he would buy me something. And somehow that something ended up being shoes. HEELS, even! (From Payless, because I'm awesomely cheap like that!) I'm supposed to wear them for graduation, but I'm not sure if that will happen. I haven't quite learned how to walk in them and I really don't want all my fellow graduates and their families to witness that. Ha! We will see, though. But they ARE cute!
Oh, and this one, just for fun. The Easter Bunny left a pinata for the kids (which you may know already from a previous post in which baby Tucker was a sad panda) and to explain why there was a pinata instead of baskets, he left this cute little note. (Yes, the word "smashing" was thrown in there, regarding the pinata.) It was signed with some eggs, of course! I may or may not have had a little or a lot to do with this letter.
So, what's the plan for the next couple days/weeks, you ask? Reading, watching movies, doing some fun crafty projects, and staying up late. Gotta take advantage of this time off while I can. Summer is on its way and I'm ready for it, but first it's time to relax a bit!

Tonight...Watching the Lakers game and watching movie and eating candy. Feels good to have an academically clear mind. =D

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