Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Bit Better

Hey guys...So much for keeping updated, huh?

I've been feeling a bit better every day since Friday. Yesterday I had to miss out on my friend Ashley's bachelorette party. It was a tough decision, but I just wasn't feeling up for it. We will get together soon to make up for it, though. That helps a bit, but I still wish I could have gone last night.

Brian has yet to come down with what I've had all week. It's pretty surprising, since he's been around me every day since I started feeling sick. How do I get THAT immune system??

I also am totally unsure on where I am for photos. I THINK I've been keeping up, but all my days have kind of run together this week and I wouldn't be surprised if I got off-track somewhere. And, to be honest, the photos I've been taking have been incredibly boring and lame and you will without a doubt be able to tell that this was my "sick" week. However, that might be because my photos have been of pills and soup and stuff like that....

Today, I'm finally able to concentrate a bit and I'm attempting to make progress on my board game. Last week was completely wasted time, since I couldn't focus on anything for more than 5 minutes before my head clouded over. So today I'm feeling good to be back at work. The game won't be nearly as fun or cool as I was originally planning, but I think right now just finishing it will be enough to make me proud.

Coming in on the final stretch of college...It's scary and thrilling all at once. I don't think I've mentioned this here yet - but this summer we will be living in Rapid City, so we're going to take another trip out there soon to do some apartment hunting. I am excited to be out in such a scenic area, but it will be weird living 5+ hours away from home.

Anyway...Back to work for me. Sorry there are no photos today...I'm so far behind on editing and such that I'm just going to refrain from new stuff until it's back to normal.

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