Friday, February 11, 2011

To the Side

Ok, people. I only had ONE guess on this week's Too Close shot. I even posted the link on facebook and everything! You're not making this much fun for us! =P

Anyway, here's the big reveal:

Original shot:

Yep, that's pretty close!

Back it up a little....

Ohhhh it's getting easier! Any final guesses?


Yeah!! It was the tag on my hat! My faaaavorite green hat! I wear it pretty much every day. I know I'm gonna miss it once spring hits. It started out super shiny and pretty...But now that it's gone through two rough winters, it's getting all frizzy and silly. But I still love it.

PS - Melissa Jean got it right! She's always getting them. Way to go!

I wear it with the tag to the side, like this. Thanks, Hat, for inspiring tonight's POTD:

133/365: And yes, my hair really IS that long. It's pretty ridiculous.
Yesterday's photo was kind of lame. I shot a few random things around my apartment. None of them were even remotely good. Oh well. So I threw a paint splatter texture onto it in Photoshop and yeah....It's not so exciting, but whatever. Can't win 'em all. This is a painting I did in painting class a few semesters ago. Not the greatest. It's a replication of a more famous artist from back in the day. Yep.

Fun weekend ahead. Our rescheduled game night with K&A is on Sunday - Pretty excited!! And Monday is, of course, Valentine's day. We're not too huge on V-Day over here. We might go out to dinner or something, but usually gifts and all that cheesy stuff doesn't come near us. Ha! But I do like chocolates so if anyone talks to Brian you can forward that info along. Just in case he doesn't know......

Have a good weekend, friends! I'll keep ya posted!

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