Monday, February 28, 2011

Salt & Pep

Enjoyed a nice day in Sioux Falls yesterday. We did some shopping (in which I hardly bought anything. I am so broke I can't even afford to pay attention (Haaaa! My brother told me that once and it's been my favorite ever since.)) Brian spoils me too much. When I say that, I don't mean he buys me fancy things or gets me anything I want (which I'm glad for, I really wouldn't like that)...What I mean is, he takes me to Coldstone before movies and he will walk around Walmart with me for hours, even if I'm not buying anything, and he'll put up with my constant search for the lowest price on grocery items. But mostly it's the Coldstone that gets me. =P Last night I got Oreo Cream Filling with strawberries mixed in. It was magnificent.

Anywho...Today after class, he talked me into going for a run. He even went into my room and found all my running clothes and folded them up into a cute little pile by my door, all without me knowing. Then, after I still hadn't decided on going or not, he grabbed my hat and brought it to me. I told him he was like a dog wanting to go for a walk, who brings the leash to its owner. Adorable. I couldn't say no. And I'm glad I didn't. Even though it was pretty chilly (mid 20's,) it was a nice run and we felt pretty great afterward. Still can't wait for those warmer days, though.

Then he wanted to start the new puzzle that we got last night. Which was a surprise to me, because usually I'm the one who wants to do puzzles all the time. He started it on the floor, but eventually we moved it to the kitchen table.

150/365: Puzzle time!
149/365: Books
148/365: Salt & Pep (Who can guess where we were!)

Saturday night the snowflakes were ridiculously sparkling. I got some photos of them. =)

Enjoying them while they last!

Here's something funny - My bedroom floor is halfway hidden by 5 nice-sized piles of dirty clothes. This is the farthest behind on laundry I've EVER gotten. Last night I had to wash some undies in the sink and hang them over the shower rod to dry, just so I'd have some clean ones to wear until tomorrow. Doing laundry in this building is just a huge hassle. First of all, they're sucking me dry of quarters. Second, there's usually someone else doing laundry so you have to wait 3 hours just to put one load in the dryer. And third...sometimes you have to run the dryer twice in order to get even SOMEWHAT dry clothes. Ugh...Frustrating! Anywho....

Made some pork chop casserole for supper tonight. Getting much better at that one! Now, off to take a bubble bath and then work on some stuff. Tomorrow is laundry day!

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