Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today's "Too Close" photo is PRETTY EASY! Then again, I think I always say that. I will post the answer later in the week. Good luck!

Hint: It's something near to me at almost all times. The colors MIGHT just give it away.
Last night we were trying to think of something good to make for supper. Brian wanted something "like hamburger pie, but not hamburger pie." I asked Traci and she suggested taco pie. So I got the recipe from her and it was SO YUMMY. Thanks, Traci!! =)

Also am using it for yesterday's photo.

115/365: The photo makes it look like a big pile of mush...But it tasted like a big pile of TACOS!! Mmm!
Off to a meeting. =]


  1. I'm fairly sure the 'too close' is your belt. I could be wrong. ahaha

  2. You are, in fact, wrong. Haha...Great guess, though!



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