Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have spent my day with Brian, football, Illustrator, and a book titled "Readings in Contemporary Rhetoric." I have been reading and trying to wrap my mind around what's going on in that book, but it's not so easy. I am going to have to treat this class the same as I did Accounting last semester. Pay attention, take notes, do the homework, and come out with an A. Or, possibly not. But I will try my best!

Brian got back to SoDak on Friday (which, I know, you are all aware of because it was all I could talk about last week.) Jason, Ashley, and I went to pick him up in Sioux Falls and had a late lunch together. His plane flew directly over us when we were driving to the airport. It was a pretty cool experience. Would have been cooler if he had seen us, too. Oh well.

It is nice having things back to "normal" around here. Making dinner together, especially. I never really bothered to cook for myself, so now that Brian's back I can make some MEALS again. It's exciting!

Which leads into today's POTD:

114/365: Mmmmm!
Tonight we made this deeelicious buffalo chicken mac & cheese. Brian suggested it for tonight after mentioning that his friend Brent told him about it. So I found a recipe online (HERE!) and we adjusted a few things (used shells instead of macaroni, omitted the celery, and added a drizzle of blue cheese) and it turned out GREAT. Brian gave it a "Top 5" rating, which is pretty huge. I'm not a ginormous fan of spicy stuff, so I didn't eat a whole lot of it, but it tasted pretty excellent. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes buffalo flavored stuff.

Anywho...Back to school tomorrow. (I say that like it makes for a long day for me. In reality, I have class from 9-12, 3 days a week. Yes, I am going to get a job to fill in the rest of my time, don't worry.)

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