Sunday, January 30, 2011


Has anyone seen that new Mentos commercial? The one with the spider? Brian says the girl in it is me. I say that's right, and also that the spider in it is EVERY spider in the whole world. They are evil. Scary and evil.


Last night Brian was having some fun with a flashlight, making shadow puppets. I fully enjoy having such a goofy boyfriend. He is constantly making me laugh with his silliness.

120/365: Pup
Friday night we headed to to Irene for a little get-together game night with my family. My parents taught Brian and me how to play Pitch, a card game which I grew up watching the "grown ups" play. They'd always offered to teach me, but I didn't think I would understand it or even LIKE it. (In my mind, it was just people throwing cards on the table and somehow making a game out of it....?) But it really is a fun game, and I'm glad I finally know how to play it. I'm seeing lots of late-night card playing in my future, especially on holidays. We also played Cranium, which is a blast, but took FOREVER. Ended up leaving Irene and heading back to Madison at 2:00 in the morning. I almost hit a deer - It was standing right in the middle of the road. (I think they're suicidal, really.) But my sleepy eyes and tired mind acted quickly enough to avoid granting its deathwish. Gotta love those late night drives.

119/365: Dad shuffling cards. (something I'm nearly incapable of doing.)
Later today we're heading to Sioux Falls to do some grocery shopping and what-not. Then I've got some homework to finish up. Not a bad weekend we've got going on here.

(P.S. - I typed the title of an old Asking Abby song in this post somewhere. Who can point it out??)


  1. I know it :) for once I think I really got something!

  2. Late Night Drive!!! D



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