Friday, January 28, 2011

"I'd be boo-ing, because they only scored 30 points"

Whoa, whoa, WHOA...Shaun White didn't make it into the Snowboard Slopestyle finals?? What is going on in the world? Crazy stuff. Oh well...He's still my favorite US Olympian. =P

Time to announce the photo and winners of this week's "Too Close" Tuesday shot. We'll do it this way:

Here's the original photo:

Annnnnnd a little farther out:

Still nothin? Want to throw a guess in here before you scroll down a little more? No? Ok, here's the answer, in photo form:


IT'S MY SHOE!! Congrats to the winners who guessed correctly:

#1) Amanda B! (you're listed first because you actually left a comment here with your correct guess and that makes you the most awesome)
#2) Ashley! (she facebook chatted me her answer)
#3) Emily! (she told me at the game last night)

YAY! It's pretty awesome having more than one winner, and especially more than one person guessing. Hehe...Tune in for next week's photo.

How about some shots from Dustin's game last night?

Starting lineup high five!

Layup brought to you by Dustin.

Nice jump shot by Greg.

Ethan...Look at the height advantage there!

The five starters taking a break.

118/365: Starters subbing back into the game. ALMOST missed this...So glad I caught it just in time.

And a few extras from the night:

Cheerleaders watching the boys warm up before the game.

And a shot from the girls' game. I think this is pretty cool.
Both teams won their game. The boys won by 38 points! It wasn't the most exciting game, but it was pretty fun to watch them just dominate.

A few of my photos ended up in the local newspaper. I haven't seen it yet, but people have told me they look great. Even though our paper is super small and it doesn't take much to get something in there, it's still a cool feeling. I'm going to send a few of these over to them, too. I do enjoy sharing my shots! =)

We're headed home tonight to hang out with my family for a bit. Sounds like we're just getting together and playing cards and having fun. And I am SO EXCITED about this warm weather. All the ice and snow on the roads is melting and today I grabbed a handful of snow and made a snowball and threw it at Brian. Until now, the snow has been WAY too cold to stick together so snowballs were nearly impossible (however, ice clumps were readily available.) I want to go make a snowman now! And it's warm enough to do it in a t-shirt!

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