Thursday, December 16, 2010


I feel I need to express my happiness for a second. I just checked my grades online, and I got a 94% in accounting! I know lots of people will probably think this is no big deal, because, well...accounting really isn't that hard, especially if you took it in high school (in which case it's more like a review before the advanced classes)...But it was my very first accounting class EVER. And it was an elective so I really just needed to PASS to get the credits. Our first class session, we were given a note card with some information on it. We were asked to predict our final grade. I put a C. I figured it was a good prediction, since I will NOT allow myself to fail a class (honestly, I'm one of those people who believes that if you show up for class and do your homework, it is impossible to fail), however our professor told us that the majority of the class will either fail or drop out...I was feeling incredibly intimidated. But I never expected to actually WANT to learn this stuff and WANT to do good in it. When I got my first test back (a 92%,) I knew I had it in me and put extra hard work into paying attention and figuring everything out.

ANYWAY...Sorry, I kind of got excited there. I'm done. No more accounting posts from me! I kicked the crap out of that class!

Brian is going back to his home in California tomorrow. He'll be there until January 21st. Sounds kind of sad, but we've spent much longer apart, so I'm not too worked up about it. Plus, I will be flying out there on the 3rd to spend a week there. (A break from the unforgiving January cold! Yes!!) So it's something fun to look forward to.

Right now he's shadowing someone at the Community Center for his internship. Before he left we made some yummy spaghetti for supper. (My go-to meal...Always a favorite!) And now I'm sitting here with nothing to do. When he gets back we're going to go print out some stuff at the school and call it a night.

How about some photos?

76/365: A snowflake, look closely. So pretty. =)
75/365: Kiwi! Num Yummy!
Since I'm going home tomorrow there will be tons of Christmas related photos coming. I did zero decorating at my apartment, and all my gifts are at home so I don't even have presents here. But I know there will be TONS of fun Christmas stuff at my parents' house. I'm pretty excited!


  1. Soo awsum! vury kewl werk nieser!!

  2. You're amazing! Oh, and if you miss Brian over break, you can always come hang out and cook/bake and play games at our house!

  3. I love the snowflake picture! Omg! Enough to want it framed. Your pictures never cease to amaze me.



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