Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Finals week. Most college students cringe at the words. I happen to love them.

Finals for me are usually presenting projects, so it's sort of like every other day of class. I've had a few semesters where finals week was ridiculously stressful, but for the most part it's my most relaxing week of the school year. This semester, I only had one real test. It was my accounting final, and I believe I did very well on it. Exciting!! Other than that, I've had to finish up some projects and present them in class. This semester has probably been my easiest one since I started school back in 2006. Accounting was tough, but it's taught me that I am capable of learning anything through hard work and concentration. (Pretty sure I got an A in it; I was expecting a C ....I win.) =)

Anyway...Today I've been working on my skeleton/muscle drawing for my figure drawing class. Check it out:

It's turning out pretty great, I think. It's due tomorrow and I still have quite a bit of work left on it, though. Oh well...Eventually I want to go back over the skeleton side and make my pencil marks a bit darker. Here's a more close-up shot:

Almost didn't get a shot yesterday. But grabbed this one quickly before hopping in bed.

73/365: Knobs on my dresser. Ha!
And Sunday's photo:

72/365: I am magic!! Not really...But this is MOSTLY straight out of the camera. Did a little crop and background touch-ups. I like it. Yay for shiny surfaces!
Before I forget (which I already did, actually. This is my second time posting this entry)

This one is special for my buddy Dylan (hint, hint) or anyone else in my drawing class (hint, hint) because it's sort of everyone's favorite thing (hint, hint)....Ha!
One last thing: Watching Ghost Adventures alone in your dark apartment is not as much fun as you might think. I had to change the channel. Gosh, I'm a baby.

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