Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's been a good night. I have no homework or exams or anything to do, really. So I watched some TV (Glee, and then TWO episodes of Raising Hope. LOVE!) and played around with some long exposure shots.

Result? Today's photo of the day:

25/365: Adding some light to this Starry Night. Lame caption...I'm sorry. 
24/365: Waiting for the show to start.
 Last night we had a musician playing at DSU. His name is Nick Motil and he is excellent! Check him out here: http://www.nickmotil.com/

Tonight Brian is studying for a test (ALL NIGHT, it sounds like!), so I've been sitting around relaxing and being bored and playing with lights. The wind on my windows and door sounds like it's going to blow over the entire building. We've had over two weeks of near perfect weather, until today. Now it's cold and wet and super windy. Ick.

We might even get some snow tonight/tomorrow! I am actually pretty thrilled about it. It will be my first winter with my Nikon....I can't wait to see what I can do with it.

Now it's time to hop in the shower, drink some hot tea, and then try falling asleep through the sound of the wind.

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