Thursday, September 16, 2010


So I'm sitting in my apartment and realize it's about time for supper, even though I'm not hungry. Scanning the fridge, I see some yogurt, spaghetti sauce, butter, and a few moldy peaches. Fail. Searching further, I discover about a cup of lettuce left over from tacos, and a handful of shredded cheese leftover from some other meal. Possible success. Sadly, there is no dressing in sight, and you just can't eat a salad without some sort of liquid topping. So I consider my options....grape jelly, maple syrup, freezee juice, and then...There it is, the cute little round yellow bottle. Lemon juice. Worth a shot, right? YES. Lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, and a splash of lemon juice. Surprisingly delicious. Documented for a future time.

Anyway, today is my friend Lynzee’s birthday. Years ago, she was my best friend. One of my first friends. I celebrated her birthdays 5 through 16 with her. She turns 23 today. But this day got me thinking about how differently things are when we’re older. Now, birthdays no longer mean sleepovers and girly gifts. They no longer mean streamers and pizza and eating ice cream with a cake fork. They no longer mean halves of “BFF” necklaces and staying up late and talking about boys. How fun would it be to gather up all those friends again and have a “Happy 9th Birthday!” party? 

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