Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hello from Rapid City, SD! We've been here since Thursday, getting things lined up for the summer. Today we went to the museum where I'll be working and I trailed alongside the fill-in photographer so I could learn what I'm supposed to do. I think it's going to be an interesting and fun summer!

Yesterday we checked out some apartments and cheap-o houses for our living situation. Found a really nice apartment in our price range so we're pretty happy. We left the place wanting to move in the next day! So that's a good sign.

We've hit some pretty good restaurants in the area, too. Looks like RC will be good to us. =)

Here are some catch-up photos!

225/365: Yesteday's photo. Brian.
224/365: We finally had lunch at Wall Drug and received our free ice water! (PS - If you want a GOOD hot beef sammich, this is the place. BUT...If you want a GREAT hot beef sammich, go to Emily's in Beresford, right off I-29. I've yet to find a better one. Do it. Now.)
223/365: Wednesday's photo. Strawberry milk after a run. Can't go wrong. Mmmm!
222/365: One of the shots for a friend's engagement photos that I did on Tuesday. Still working on editing a few of them. They're almost done! I'm excited for her to see them all. This is one of my favorites, though.  =)
We've got two days left here in town. Still have some stuff to sort out with the apartment. Then it's back to Madison to get our current places cleaned and packed up. Then Ashley's wedding on the 28th. Then we're moving out here for good. May is really moving fast!

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