Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Here are some quick pics from our weekend in Rapid City. We drove around the hills for a while and saw some cool things. Check it out...

Look closely. =)

Brian almost set off his airbag while honking through one of these tunnels. Ha...

Tree stump....?

Look closely AGAIN!

Once again, photo doesn't do this place justice. I wish I had a panorama of all this. So incredible. Like....Seriously breathtaking in real life.

Black & white, anyone?

Here's Brian, standing on a cliff.

Here is said cliff. I think someone threw a microwave down it. There was a shiny silver demolished square shaped thing on the ground...

Took us forever to get this. I have like 12 shot that are similar, but something was always wrong with it. This is about the best of them. Ha.

Here's me standing on the cliff.

Holding up the bridge thing. Yep, I'm pretty strong. And I need a tan.

Pretty clouds....

Brian's first buffalo sighting! This guy crossed the road in front of us. He was SO BIG, we couldn't see the car on the other side of him. Love the buffalo. They're pretty awesome.
Fingers crossed that our application to the apartment is accepted. Brian's already mostly packed up and ready to move. I haven't even started. =S Hoping for the best...Cuz if we don't get the place in RC, we're homeless! Ha...*nervous laugh*

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