Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday when I got home from class I was feeling sort of drained. My head was hurting and I was all stuffed up and had a sore throat. I thought for sure I was getting sick. I spent the majority of my day under my blanket (yes, I still have a blankie.) on the couch. Watched a lot of lame TV and drank some tea. Here's my photo:

145/365: Taking it easy.

Perhaps having such a laid-back day yesterday paid off...I'm feeling almost 100% today! I even scrubbed my apartment clean. It's sparkling today! Ha...Another story of proof that a nice hot cup of tea can fix just about anything. =)


  1. Awww..the horsie blankie! Don't feel bad, I still have my red blankie too! I just can't use it because it's got a big hole in it..hmm, should have someone fix that now that I think of it! Glad you're feeling better..Torie has been home sick since Wednesday afternoon!

  2. Haha YUP...Love the horsie blankie. I seriously sleep with it every night still. It's my "make me feel better" blankie. It's ALWAYS the right temperature. Like, if I'm really cold - it makes me warm. And if I'm really hot - it cools me down. Crazy how that works...The thing is magical! You should definitely fix your red blankie. Shouldn't be too hard, just find someone with a sewing machine. (Patty?)
    Poor Towie...What's she sick with?



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