Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Too Close Tuesday!

Since I've been horribly neglecting my Tuesday posts, which actually seem to be the most popular, I've decided to throw in a few extras for today.

So here are FOUR new(ish) shots...Can you guess what these are photos of??





Think you know what they are? Leave a comment with your guesses, along with the photo's number. I will reveal the answers in a few days, so keep checking back. =) Good luck!!

(PS - Derrick, you are not allowed to guess numbers 3 and 4, since you saw me take the photos. Ha!)


  1. OOooooo Fun!

    Okay... here are my guesses.

    1) Edge of a notebook or sketchbook of some sort...
    2) Paper money
    3) Cupcake? Chocolate cupcake
    4) That has to be sugar. Nice picture!

    Actually, as always, all of them are amazing.

  2. #1 is a horse, and #2 is your explorer. D



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