Friday, December 31, 2010


SO much catching up to do! I've been feeling very uninspired the past couple days, so these photos are less than great. Just a disclaimer. Ha...

I haven't been feeling the greatest, either. I'm hoping this cold, or whatever I have, goes away least before I fly to Cali on Monday. Being sick while I'm there would be no fun at all.

So now I'm sitting here waiting for Brian to call me while listening to Chance snore incredibly loudly on the floor and watching My Fair Wedding. (Can't get enough of this show! Gosh, I'm a nerd.)

Anywho....Here's a few to catch up:

91/365: Some marble stones, turned negative. Tonight's photo....Didn't care much.
90/365: Candy in a jar. Once again, didn't care much.
89/365: Chance sleeping, similar to what he's doing now. He's a cutie.
88/365: 3-Pointer
87/365: Monday night I hung out with my bestest friends. Went to get my camera out of my bag, realized I forgot my SD card in my computer and had taken my extras out of my bag the night before. Woops! Crappy camera phone to the rescue! And Scrabble with a made-up word to end the game. Ha!
 I need to take some medicine and sleeeeeeep.

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