Monday, October 4, 2010

Two and Three

So I already faltered on Day 2. Woops! I had my camera with me ALL DAY...But I quickly found out that I left my memory card at home, 70 miles away. SO...I did end up grabbing a photo of Brian on my phone, but it was after midnight so technically it was today and not yesterday. AND it's a terrible picture...Just a quick shot before bed to say that I had a #2. Anything to stay official, I guess.

Today I rummaged around my room and found a 256 MB card, which I popped into my camera and can fit a whole 100 photos on it! It's rather slim compared to my 4 Gig....Oh well. Until I can get back home, it will have to do.

I am going to start taking my camera everywhere with me. Today I lugged it to class, minus the bag. It felt nice having it with me at all times. Like, no matter what, I was ready to take the shot.

Here are my numbers two and three:

Brian allllllmost sleeping.

The basement of Beadle Hall, as I waited for today's Studio Processes class.

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